Vision without action is just a dream.
Action without vision is merely passing time.
Action with vision can change the world.

Nelson Mandela

If you don’t like something, change it.
If you can’t change it, change your attitude.

Maya Angelou

Only as high as I reach can I grow.
Only as far as I seek can I go.
Only as deep as I look can I see.
Only as much as I dream can I be.

Karen Ravn

We either make ourselves happy or miserable.
The amount of work is the same.

Carlos Castaneda

Halina Jaroszewska

Outstanding Executive Coach | Chosen By High Potential Leaders & Key Teams | To Deliver Remarkable Results | Inspires Change
Helps you turn uncertainty into a powerful tool for exponential growth.
Want to switch surviving into thriving, improve your business and personal performance, maximise your potential during challenging times?

Executive Coaching

What is executive coaching? Definitely not a ‘spectator sport’. It is full engagement. 100% commitment.

It is professional development for senior executives, other leaders and high potential fast trackers. The executive works with a professionally qualified, trained Executive Coach on their goals and challenges, particular strengths and areas for development.

Together a strong, trusting partnership is created which enables the executive to gain greater self-awareness, access even more of their potential, broaden leadership skills and change behaviours to improve all aspects of soft skills.

It is a catalyst for the enhanced performance of the individual and the teams they lead.

Leadership Coaching

Leadership at the Cutting Edge: Discover your Exceptional Iconic Style fit for the front line.

Leadership coaching helps with better decision making, drives strategy , maximises critical thinking. Coaching for senior leaders at all levels has become a status symbol, the key request in an on boarding package.

Become a leader in whose team or department everyone wants to be in. What is the legacy you choose to leave? Be the leader who generates the right environment for talent to flourish with the generosity to encourage them to progress. Leadership needs those light bulb moments that unleash vision.

Inspiring change

About Halina Jaroszewska

Fast paced as well as reflective, at the cutting edge of my profession I am lucky to be impossibly always curious with the ability to ask jaw-droppingly on the money questions. Those thought-provoking ones that make your brain work hard and your socks squeak. If you choose to take up the challenge and snap up exclusive time you will manifest significant remarkable results.

Every picture tells a story. Every picture is worth a 1000 words. My logo is no exception. Everyone is a puzzle. Part of my signature is that I help clients locate, identify, recognise that forgotten puzzle piece; discover how it slots into the best place. Every puzzle tells a story. 

Helping you deliver remarkable results

Approach & Style

Clients say that Halina really get them, that she creates

  • a safe space to explore all aspects of their world
  • time to think deeply
  • enhance the journey towards their vision.

Halina is renowned for helping clients find or identify the key puzzle piece which needs slotting into place to unleash Brand You. She creates a purposeful, provocative partnership with her clients. Key to her clients achieving great results the asking of powerful questions to help clarify goals and what stops them.

What Halina offers

For companies, teams and leaders who want to significantly improve their impact, insights, influence – 1:2:1 bespoke coaching, and tailor-made workshop, programmes. Her four specialist areas are:

Design & Develop

Your Leadership Style

Design your cutting-edge leadership style strategically. Capitalise on your industry knowledge, people potential, future proofing development opportunities.

The Savvy Factor

Soft skills to supercharge your career – remember that soft skills are what give you the competitive edge.

‘None but ourselves can free our minds’. Bob Marley

Knowing yourself, your people, your clients, your stakeholders

Knowing you, knowing them, knowing me gives astonishing sneak-peaks into how to influence ourselves and others with shockingly brilliant innovative results.

Career Progression and Development

Stand out? How? What makes the difference? It’s obvious. Revolutionise how your career portfolio is seen. Plan your professional development. Ace it.



Check out what Halina’s clients say about ‘being Halina’d’

Kate Redshaw Burges Salmon

Halina always makes me see things in a different way – more than once I’ve thought ‘No – I don’t agree with that’ about something she’s said only to find myself doing a 180 degree turn when I’ve reflected on it. I always come away from any discussion with Halina with a concrete, achievable method for changing things for the better – if you’re in a thicket, Halina’s wise words will always help you to navigate through.

Patricia Patilla Sanchez Development Engineer Rolls Royce

As an engineer, I had no idea what to expect at a Contracts event which was taking part in a law firm. It was a phenomenal surprise to explore the underlying contracts that we all make with ourselves. How when we design them we don’t always think on the non-negotiable parts or what we always tend to leave out. That afternoon gave me the courage to review the contracts that I made with myself and identify how these defined my behaviour, to take action when necessary.

Linda Hoskinson MD of a Nationwide HR Service Organisation

I have received some valuable business and leadership coaching from Halina. We had met before the coaching began and Halina makes establishing a warm relationship easy. This was to stand us in good stead as we proceeded to arrange to conduct the next steps ‘remotely’. We interspersed phone calls with written material and ‘homework’ to concentrate the mind and prepare for conversations. Halina made it easy to address the important issues, was supportive throughout and listened extremely well, moving the process on at a pace which met my expectations.

Senior Manager, Printing Company

I am a stronger person now when dealing with people at all levels. I’ll speak out now in larger meetings. It is all that I wanted. I have my job and the company in perspective now. The biggest benefit has been knowing me better, being more aware of behaviour and how to change it. As you know at the beginning when it was suggested I have coaching I thought it wouldn’t help me in any way and thought it a bit strange but right from the start of our relationship I thought you were a lovely bubbly person. You made me think, you pushed me, but in a gentle way. You have given me confidence in myself and I now know that I can and not that I can’t. I speak out at meetings, where once I wouldn’t have and you taught me how to deal with colleagues especially the difficult ones.

Senior Partner, Law Firm

Coaching has helped me to clarify my thinking, focus and prioritise issues around my private and business lives – and most importantly to recognise the importance of making time to continue this in the future. I have decluttered and ditched baggage both physically and emotionally thus created the time and space to look for opportunities to best use my talents (about which I feel very positive) in the future. I am confidently ambitious.

Operations Manager / Senior Management Team Ovation Finance

Halina is an excellent coach and enabler. She listens well and her role is not to give you the answers but to provide a forum for the client to figure out the answer themselves. I highly recommend Halina to any business. Working with Halina has changed my approach for the better.

Senior Learning and Development Advisor UK Charity

Having had a coaching session with Halina I found it both enjoyable (from the point of what I discovered) as well as challenging (which I think coaching should be). Through Halina’s skilful questioning, I feel like I was able to explore my goal and have come away with some real practical solutions that I have already started to apply in my daily life. I now ask myself “what am I going to do today to have fun” and to make sure ‘I live into this’ (I learnt in the session not to say ‘live up to’) I can simply ask myself, and my 7 year old daughter, “did I/we have fun today”.

Partnerships Director, Recruitment

Thank you for your time. I wanted to say how inspiring you were and how refreshing it was to be able to throw a different perspective to the challenges I currently face in a leadership role. I appreciate the ‘takeaways’ from just one session and thank you for your time and energy.

Head of Interpretation, Museums & Galleries Sector

Halina was an inspiring and empowering coach for me. She listened attentively and was quick to cut through to the heart of the matter, offer insights and practical advice that I could start putting into use immediately. She balanced this with a warm and empathetic approach with prompts to help consider the bigger picture going forward. I would very much like to continue working with Halina and would wholeheartedly recommend her coaching.

Louise Ladbroke, Business West

‘Halina gets people and cleverly helps them recognise their own behaviours and identify what is holding them and their business, team, organisation, career back’.

A Starkie Forensic Scientist

Engaging the services of Halina Jaroszewska has been nothing short of lifechanging. The process of self-analysis was, naturally, rather uncomfortable, but Halina’s friendly, yet challenging, nature allowed me to strip my personality back for analysis in what always felt a safe and positive environment. She was always clear and upfront about her methods. My aims for each session were always dictated by me, but guided skilfully and almost imperceptibly, by Halina. Her professionalism is complimented by her approachable and warm nature; I always knew I was in safe, skilful hands and that she would endeavour to be available should I need her. And, as they say, the proof is in the pudding- I have emerged from this process with a clearer appreciation of my personality traits, and an ability to not only appreciate, but also celebrate my unique skill set. This in turn has enabled me to secure a future in my desired job sector.

Lou Wade Lloyds Banking Group Sales Professionals

Thank you so much for yesterday – it wasn’t what I expected at all but on reflection just what I needed. As a result, I have actioned 3 crucial elements in my personal life. Since speaking to you I also had some great feedback from two colleagues at work about jobs I had done and asking me to take on some additional tasks – I managed to negotiate a time frame to suit me and some support from them to do the leg works on the tasks. I never thought that one hour could change so much – having a completely impartial ear was fantastic, we shared things I wouldn’t / couldn’t have shared with any mentor from work.

Vice President, Container Management

The opportunity to discuss issues with someone out of the business and who is completely objective is invaluable. It gave the opportunity to test out your thinking and learn about yourself. Everything you discuss and work on can be applied to all aspects of your life.

Martin Jarritt, Chairman & CEO Worklife Partnerships Ltd

As Chairman and Director of a number of companies in the healthcare field my time is valuable, I do not use or spend it lightly. I wanted to write to express my gratitude for the remarkable coaching provided. The coaching Halina provided was of a different order of quality and use. As a businessman I value outcomes and she certainly afforded me the opportunity to achieve clarity of thinking that enabled me to change my life for the better. I therefore recommend Halina without hesitation to any manager or senior executive seeking to resolve issues, move forward with greater vigour and personal freedom.

Senior Manager, International Business Development

Coaching with Halina has I think made me take time to review myself. Not just the job I’m doing, which has allowed me to improve as a person as well as allowing my team to develop with me. This ultimately benefits the business through higher sales, greater productivity, and it is all happening. It has affected positively all areas of my life. I can’t tell you the impact that the coaching process has had!

Board Director, Publishing Company

Coaching has given me a real insight into my core values and behaviour both in my eyes and those around me. The coaching then allowed me to find practical steps to modify my approach and behaviours to maximise my impact within both my professional and personal life. My team and colleagues certainly noticed the difference! I genuinely believe I now have a much better balance between my professional and personal lives and, as result, I am much more effective as a manager.

Strategic & Business Development, Publishing Company

Halina has excellent coaching skills that enabled me to get the most out of the opportunity afforded by the sessions with her. Things have worked very well as I have done them. Halina enabled there to be high degree of flexibility to accommodate my requests, which I appreciate. The programme has been extremely helpful and useful during very trying times. I’m confident that the coaching has helped me develop which has also been of benefit to the business as a whole.

Head of International Licensing, Publishing Company

As a result of coaching, my decision-making process has definitely improved. Halina has a great questioning technique that ensures you come up with solutions to problems yourself.

Client Work and History

Clients in the Not-for-Profit, Private and Public sectors: Assignments worked on

Not for profit

The Coach Initiative Senior Leaders Project | Proshare CEO | RNIB National Sales Team | Search for Common Ground Far East Country Director | Search for Common Ground Iraq Programme Director | UNHCR |

Private sector

Association of Women in Property | Bristol Professional Women’s Network | BWB-Bristol Women in Business | Bank of America | Barclays Wealth| Bombardier Aerospace Senior /Middle Management | BP | Brewers of Europe | British Airways | European Commission | European Parliament | Colston’s Girls School | Future Publishing Directors/Senior Team | Greg Latchams WRH Partners | Laurence Simons Global Managing Director  | Lloyds Banking Group [inc. Customer Analytics & Decisions Division Forum | Customer Credit & Fraud Decisions Team | High Potential Sales Professionals | National Team Leaders | Relationship Managers | Service & Operational Quality Division | Women’s Breakthrough Network ] | Manor Community senior and aspiring leadership team | Ovation Finance MD & Senior Team | Rolls Royce Insight & WoMen Networks | Thrings Partners | Trinity Mirror Group SW Directors/Senior Managers | UK Charities & Museum Sector COVID-19 Project | Women in Management |

Public Sector

Avon Fire Brigade | BBC Wales HRD & Heads of Department | Nursing and Midwifery Council |South West Councils |The Pensions Regulator|

Case Studies

Read in depth Leadership & Career Development Case Studies also a selection of synopses

Case Studies – The headlines

Seven examples of projects worked on with individual clients and teams to show the diversity of assignments. To delve in more depths check out Corporate Leaders & Individual Executive Clients.

Case Studies – The Headlines

Case Studies – Corporate Leaders

Format for each case study looks at The What, The Why, The How and the Result for Senior Leaders and Teams within the following sectors: legal, charity, banking, accountancy, publishing, manufacturing, tech.

Case Studies – Corporate Leaders

Case Studies – Individual Executive Clients

Format for each case study looks at The What, The Why, The How and the Result for individual clients in tertiary education, coaching & training, accountancy, entrepreneurial enterprise.

Case Studies – Individual Executive Clients

Case Study – Senior Leader new in post

Promoted to a senior leadership role in an international not for profit this client describes how with coaching he was able to develop his leadership style and exceed all his KPIs.

Case Study – Senior Leader new in post

Case Study – Career Development – exceptional move to senior position

The challenge of being on garden leave plus no idea what the next role might be, this describes the process of planning career development with the key highlights. This client now CEO of own company after achieving position as Global MD.

Case Study – Career Development – exceptional move to senior position

Case Study – Career Progression – not the next but 10 rungs up

Long term contract drawing to a close concentrated this client’s mind significantly. How to use her CV to deliver more than expectations in order to shift her career into a totally different arena was the starting point. And the rest is history.

Case Study – Career Progression – not the next but 10 rungs up

Articles, Blogs, Research and Resources

Women at the Top

Leadership Interviews: How the project began and the questions that were asked, the responses that emerged.


Hot Topics

The ones that in the moment disrupt the known and challenge us to seriously look at all aspects of what we do and who were are.


Blogging from the harbourside

Must-reads: Astonishingly Amazing Articles; Breakthrough Bottom-line Blogs; Insightful Ingenious Inspirations – showcasing Halina’s thought leadership


Supercharged Strategies – grab them now; Thought-provoking Questions; Terrific Tips & Tricks, Tantalising Tools &Techniques – taste them now.

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