Kate Redshaw Burges Salmon

Halina always makes me see things in a different way – more than once I’ve thought ‘No – I don’t agree with that’ about something she’s said only to find myself doing a 180 degree turn when I’ve reflected on it. I always come away from any discussion with Halina with a concrete, achievable method for changing things for the better – if you’re in a thicket, Halina’s wise words will always help you to navigate through.

Patricia Patilla Sanchez Development Engineer Rolls Royce

As an engineer, I had no idea what to expect at a Contracts event which was taking part in a law firm. It was a phenomenal surprise to explore the underlying contracts that we all make with ourselves. How when we design them we don’t always think on the non-negotiable parts or what we always tend to leave out. That afternoon gave me the courage to review the contracts that I made with myself and identify how these defined my behaviour, to take action when necessary.

Linda Hoskinson MD of a Nationwide HR Service Organisation

I have received some valuable business and leadership coaching from Halina. We had met before the coaching began and Halina makes establishing a warm relationship easy. This was to stand us in good stead as we proceeded to arrange to conduct the next steps ‘remotely’. We interspersed phone calls with written material and ‘homework’ to concentrate the mind and prepare for conversations. Halina made it easy to address the important issues, was supportive throughout and listened extremely well, moving the process on at a pace which met my expectations.

Senior Partner, Law Firm

Coaching has helped me to clarify my thinking, focus and prioritise issues around my private and business lives – and most importantly to recognise the importance of making time to continue this in the future. I have decluttered and ditched baggage both physically and emotionally thus created the time and space to look for opportunities to best use my talents (about which I feel very positive) in the future. I am confidently ambitious.

Operations Manager / Senior Management Team Ovation Finance

Halina is an excellent coach and enabler. She listens well and her role is not to give you the answers but to provide a forum for the client to figure out the answer themselves. I highly recommend Halina to any business. Working with Halina has changed my approach for the better.

Senior Learning and Development Advisor UK Charity

Having had a coaching session with Halina I found it both enjoyable (from the point of what I discovered) as well as challenging (which I think coaching should be). Through Halina’s skilful questioning, I feel like I was able to explore my goal and have come away with some real practical solutions that I have already started to apply in my daily life. I now ask myself “what am I going to do today to have fun” and to make sure ‘I live into this’ (I learnt in the session not to say ‘live up to’) I can simply ask myself, and my 7 year old daughter, “did I/we have fun today”.

Partnerships Director, Recruitment

Thank you for your time. I wanted to say how inspiring you were and how refreshing it was to be able to throw a different perspective to the challenges I currently face in a leadership role. I appreciate the ‘takeaways’ from just one session and thank you for your time and energy.

Head of Interpretation, Museums & Galleries Sector

Halina was an inspiring and empowering coach for me. She listened attentively and was quick to cut through to the heart of the matter, offer insights and practical advice that I could start putting into use immediately. She balanced this with a warm and empathetic approach with prompts to help consider the bigger picture going forward. I would very much like to continue working with Halina and would wholeheartedly recommend her coaching.

Louise Ladbroke, Business West

‘Halina gets people and cleverly helps them recognise their own behaviours and identify what is holding them and their business, team, organisation, career back’.

A Starkie Forensic Scientist

Engaging the services of Halina Jaroszewska has been nothing short of lifechanging. The process of self-analysis was, naturally, rather uncomfortable, but Halina’s friendly, yet challenging, nature allowed me to strip my personality back for analysis in what always felt a safe and positive environment. She was always clear and upfront about her methods. My aims for each session were always dictated by me, but guided skilfully and almost imperceptibly, by Halina. Her professionalism is complimented by her approachable and warm nature; I always knew I was in safe, skilful hands and that she would endeavour to be available should I need her. And, as they say, the proof is in the pudding- I have emerged from this process with a clearer appreciation of my personality traits, and an ability to not only appreciate, but also celebrate my unique skill set. This in turn has enabled me to secure a future in my desired job sector.