Lou Wade Lloyds Banking Group Sales Professionals

Thank you so much for yesterday – it wasn’t what I expected at all but on reflection just what I needed. As a result, I have actioned 3 crucial elements in my personal life. Since speaking to you I also had some great feedback from two colleagues at work about jobs I had done and asking me to take on some additional tasks – I managed to negotiate a time frame to suit me and some support from them to do the leg works on the tasks. I never thought that one hour could change so much – having a completely impartial ear was fantastic, we shared things I wouldn’t / couldn’t have shared with any mentor from work.

Vice President, Container Management

The opportunity to discuss issues with someone out of the business and who is completely objective is invaluable. It gave the opportunity to test out your thinking and learn about yourself. Everything you discuss and work on can be applied to all aspects of your life.

Martin Jarritt, Chairman & CEO Worklife Partnerships Ltd

As Chairman and Director of a number of companies in the healthcare field my time is valuable, I do not use or spend it lightly. I wanted to write to express my gratitude for the remarkable coaching provided. The coaching Halina provided was of a different order of quality and use. As a businessman I value outcomes and she certainly afforded me the opportunity to achieve clarity of thinking that enabled me to change my life for the better. I therefore recommend Halina without hesitation to any manager or senior executive seeking to resolve issues, move forward with greater vigour and personal freedom.

Senior Manager, International Business Development

Coaching with Halina has I think made me take time to review myself. Not just the job I’m doing, which has allowed me to improve as a person as well as allowing my team to develop with me. This ultimately benefits the business through higher sales, greater productivity, and it is all happening. It has affected positively all areas of my life. I can’t tell you the impact that the coaching process has had!

Board Director, Publishing Company

Coaching has given me a real insight into my core values and behaviour both in my eyes and those around me. The coaching then allowed me to find practical steps to modify my approach and behaviours to maximise my impact within both my professional and personal life. My team and colleagues certainly noticed the difference! I genuinely believe I now have a much better balance between my professional and personal lives and, as result, I am much more effective as a manager.

Strategic & Business Development, Publishing Company

Halina has excellent coaching skills that enabled me to get the most out of the opportunity afforded by the sessions with her. Things have worked very well as I have done them. Halina enabled there to be high degree of flexibility to accommodate my requests, which I appreciate. The programme has been extremely helpful and useful during very trying times. I’m confident that the coaching has helped me develop which has also been of benefit to the business as a whole.